Opening hours of the shop and bar
Mon closed
Tue   14:34 - 21:56
Wed 14:27,6 - 21:59
Thu  11:42 - 12 minutes past midnight
Fri    11:38 - 2:22
Sat  10:007 - 2:37
Sun 11:18 - 18:00!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: snacks and fondues in winter.
Thursday to Sunday: delicious home cooking from opening to closing of the brasserie!

For Advent, le Foie Gras of our chef Louis

accompanied by its dried fruit bread and fine jelly, available from 19 December and to be collected from the brasserie. 
Bookings can be made from 11 December at or by calling 032 951 20 12.
48 - 250g homemade foie gras terrine in Saint Bon-Chien jelly
7. - Homemade citrus marmalade and Friday 13 beer
8 Bread flavoured with beer and Tantines almonds
23 - Abbay de Saint Bon-Chien 75cl 2015
27.60 Shaqira, spontaneous fermentation beer. Dark Très Très Sauvage 75cl
Instead of 113.60, super offer of 99.90 for the EVERYTHING (250g of foie gras with 2 beers in perfect harmony approved by a merry band of epicureans (ASBC 2015 75cl + Shaqira 75cl), marmalade and beer-flavoured bread).

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