La Hopscène

The association La Hopscène manages the cultural events organised at the Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes in Saignelégier. Its creation was born from the idea of promoting cross-fertilization. By involving the people of the region in the activities offered by this venue, it aims to see new ideas emerge. Our region is full of people ready to invest in developing this cultural place of encounters, discoveries and sharing. More than twenty people, from different backgrounds but all with the desire to invest in this place and in the cultural dynamism of the region, have joined the association since the constitutive General Assembly which took place on 23 March 2022.

Created in 1997, the BFM Brewery was one of the first craft breweries in Switzerland. In 2013, a few concerts were held there, on a stage made of pallets in the middle of the beer stocks. In less than ten years, and after having hosted 220 bands, this stage has become an essential cultural and entertainment venue in the region. The fact that it is free of charge is one of the major assets of the venue. It allows for a great mix of audiences, giving everyone the opportunity to discover, sometimes by chance, musical styles or artists that they sometimes didn't even know existed.

In 2019, the creation of a new, larger stage with the most modern sound and lighting equipment, and the refurbishment of the hall will lead to a considerable increase in the cultural offer. Although slowed down by the period marked by Covid, the creation of the association La Hopscène is then part of this desire to improve and diversify the cultural offer of the place.